A little Poem
For Kenny D
All the way
From Tennessee.....

There once was a guy from Mass
Who thought his friend, Jim
Was an ass

He didn't believe the tales that Jim told
Of his sister in law
Or the people he knows

Yeah right, Jim, I'm sure all that is true
I guess the next thing
Is you've been to the moon

These are the things that Kenny would say
With a wink in his eye
And smile on his face

Believe me I know just how Jim feels
I've spent the second half of my life
Proving the first half was real

But nothing can change
The fact that remains,
My Dad, did, for a fact 
Get in the Hall of Fame

We are not really boasting
There's no shame in pride
Some people are just sceptic
No matter how hard we try

Jim's been here to see it
And shook Cowboy's hand
He's one hell of a cheerleader
And one hell of a man

I was Jim's wife's Maid of Honor
Cause that's what sisters do
And don't have to pass a blood test
To prove that it's true

I hope upon hope
Should Kenny get to Nashville town
That I can take him to the Hall of Fame
And show him around

He's not a bad guy,
This Kenny D
He's just a cynic and not
The last one we'll meet

All I can say for Jimmy
Is that we may not share a name
But trust me when I tell you
He's got family in the Hall of Fame

On the night Cowboy was inducted
Into the Hall of Fame
It was I that wrote the speech
For we do share a name

It was the most important thing
I had ever taken to task
When it came to the first test run
It was Jimmy, I asked

I could have asked Charley Pride
Or Vince Gill or U2
But I knew that Jim's opinion
Would be good, real and true

Just like the stellar stories
That he shares with Kenny D
Who would have a lot more fun
If he would just believe

Here is a cute picture
Of my Cowdaddy and me
We are BOTH proud to have Jim
On our family tree

We're used to non believers
And all the strange looks
So just for good measure
This is me and Garth Brooks