WELCOME to my world.  I’m inviting you in and hope that as you tour your way through here, you’ll think of each page as a nice big comfy room in my home. Please note that I have never built a website before and that just like a home I will constantly be redecorating and updating to make it better. I want you to want to come back.  There are a few things you should know about me so that some of what you see and hear will make more sense.

     In addition to being a singer and songwriter myself, my biggest claim to fame thus far is that my father, Cowboy Jack Clement, has had an instrumental role in music history. Through his work and life, I have experienced some amazing things in the world of music. Through my website, I hope to introduce you to some of them through story and song. You should visit cowboyjackclement.com and read up on my father a little bit before your next visit to my world. The beginning, middle and end of this story will not be nearly as interesting without first reading his. 

     As you make your way through, you will visit STORY TIME In here I will tell you a story, in no random order.  I have been told, often, that I should write a book about my upbringing. Here I will share such stories. Some will be star studded. Some just silly. Some just observations and opinions. So curl up in here, next to the fire and enjoy the story. You can access past stories there too.

     You will then come to the GALLERY. You can see photos and art posted there.  I have several friends who have taken “behind the scenes” photos for years. Most of them have only been viewed by a handful of people.  Some of the photos will leave you laughing and some scratching your head in wonder. You will definitely see photos of extraordinary people doing ordinary things and vice versa. You never know what you might find there.  

   In the GRAND NEW OPRY, you will hear and sometimes see, the best music you may have NEVER heard. I may feature an artist or songwriter that for some reason has not made it into the mainstream and in my opinion, SHOULD be heard.  I may even be lucky enough to get an interview or two. Hope springs eternal. Also, as an act of shameless self promotion, I guess I will have to put some of my own music there.  I mean where else am I going to put it?  I might just put something up there for fun! I hope that you will visit time and again to see who is on the stage. 

     POTPOURRIWell,  you guessed it. A big room of hodge podge. Recipes, links to stuff I like, including my own Facebook Fan Page, upcoming events, trivia questions…you get the picture. You have to at least stick your head in the potpourri to get a good look at what’s in it. It will be constantly evolving.

     If you want to have a little fun and solve a brain teaser or two, make sure and visit my GAME SHOW room. It's a hoot AND a holler!

     A quick trip into my ARCHIVES and you can find past stories, photos and fun stuff from day one until now.

     Well, that’s about it for the tour, please sign the
GUEST BOOK on your way out.  Stay as long you like. Hopefully have a laugh and sing a song. It seems we just get started and before you know it comes the time we have to say so long. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions and questions there. I will do my best to respond to them all. 

Thank you for your visit and please come back soon!

Peace and Love.
Welcome to the world of
   Alison Clement

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      Spring has Sprung!!
May 2013!

    It has been a very busy few months here at Alison Clement Dot Com!
 At the end of January, I was proud to be part of a concert held to honor
 my Father, Cowboy Jack Clement! There were over 1000 people in 
 attendance at the Star Studded event.
 Click HERE to read more about it and see photos, etc.

On February 7th, I turned FIFTY!! Yep, FIFTY!! 
I have decided that this is going to be my year!
I am working on several projects, too many to mention here.
SO, click on the Treble Clef to be taken to my 

NewsFlash!!!! I now have a Five and Dime where you can purchase Cd's and Merchandise!! 
More merchandise to follow!!!
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