​My Dad's Motto is:
 "We are in the Fun Business.
 If we are not having fun
 Then we are not doing our jobs"

The following are a series of photos 
of my Dad and Johnny Cash, 
"getting business done"

They certainly embraced the motto!
On my special day, October 9th, 2009, with my father and my brother, Niles
Edna Beach, Paige Rogers, My Dad, Me, 
My hubby,David, Hank Beach and Niles
Me and a few girlfriends making a band out of a washboard, a kazoo, a juiceharp and some plastic cutlery. We brought the house down!!
               What were they thinking?
Today's Featured Photo(s)
October 2012
Happy Halloween!!
This is my dad,  Cowboy Jack Clement
as the Great Pumpkin.
He was the Grand Marshall of Nashville's Halloween Parade that year!
That strap over Johnny's shoulder had a little miniature amplifier on it that really worked. That is a small microphone taped to his nose with the cord running down the inside of the back of his shirt. He would walk through airports with my Dad, singing, and it would come through loud and clear on the the little amp. Trust me, they drew crowds.
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