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 Alison Clementine
Cowdaddy's Cookies
Added September 2010
Mama Lucille Bolton's 
Chocolate Brownie Cake
Added January 2011

 Welcome to my kitchen. I am going to share with you some recipes that have been in my family, or have an interesting story behind them and in some cases, just because they are delicious. Also, because I cannot do anything without telling a story about it, most of the recipes will have a little story that goes with them. 

     I make no promises about any nutritional values included in this culinary journey.  Here in the south, we have been known to deep fry just about anything. I saw some deep fried cantaloupe at the Flea Market here one day....nuff said.

     Click on the picture above the name of the recipe of your choice and voila'!  The recipe and it's story....... 
Cousin Paige's 
Jalapeno Cornbread
Featured Recipe
 October 2012
Poke Salad 
Previously Featured Recipe
My featured recipe comes from my dear friend, Kathy Louvin. You can read more about her in my Grand New Opry section.  Click on the Chocolate Cake below for a neat story and a GREAT recipe.....
            (added May 2013)